Crystal Business Finance Case Study

Crystal Business Finance

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AXLR8 have proved to be a very willing, able and supportive partner in our company’s development.  There platform provides a highly flexible and scalable system that grows with the business. I would have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone in our industry

Martin James

AXLR8’s finance system has been part of Crystal Business Finance core strategy for 8 years and this case study demonstrates why.  

System choice

Martin James was a “Bedroom Broker” when he first started his business and always wanted a CRM to be the core of Crystal Business Finance. Initially, he was using Word documents and spreadsheets but, as business grew, he found that important matters were being overlooked. Martin researched many other systems over a few years as he wanted features that worked for him and his company, however those he found were too big, expensive, complicated or had to be built from scratch. He finally came across AXLR8 at the NACFB and later googled them and got in touch.

AXLR8 are well known for keeping all customer details, files, documents, notes, and correspondence in one place, enabling easy profiling of contacts.  This saves your team time that they can spend with clients instead. 

Crystal Business Finance were also able to benefit from additional automation:

  • Trigaware(TM) alerts business owners, staff, and clients to important dates such as imminent expiry of contracts or DPA permission, etc.
  • ExchangeVault stores emails, skype and other calls with clients’ files so that they never have to be added them manually.


AXLR8 are widely used in the financial services community.  Systems are used for investor relationship management, KYC, money laundering checks, and for meeting many other compliance requirements.


Project challenges

Crystal’s main project challenges were that they needed:

  • A basic, logically put together CRM
  • To provide information for auditing purposes
  • Quick and easy system
  • To be compliant within their industry with ease
  • To improve the efficiency of Crystal’s staff


AXLR8 proposed Crystal Business Finance a cost-effective solution which was logically put together, so it was easy for Crystal to build from. Their main challenge was solved with AXLR8’s proposal management system as it processes proposals efficiently and with ease. The system followed Crystal’s sales process in the order in which they worked and provided secure regulation.

AXLR8 moved Crystal from ACT System which was causing problems and costs because it was not compatible across the numerous PCs they were using.  AXLR8’s browser-based solution solved all compatibility issues overnight.

AXLR8 also looked after the whole data transfer process for Crystal BF.


Extra features like AXLR8’s Mailing Manager enabled Crystal to send bulk marketing mailings to profiled prospects in seconds, so increasing their visibility in the marketplace, and ultimately bringing in new business.

AXLR8’s Trigaware system and ExchangeVault helped Crystal Business Finance keep on top of their procedures to stay compliant within the finance industry, which was one of their main concerns before using AXLR8.